Cook to Bond

Relationship built on complete Trust and genuine Caring

Meditation Yoga 1

Mind has a finite ability to pay attention to incoming data; most of the information that we are exposed to is not brought into the conscious mind. As a result, it is very easy to “filter out” information that we should be paying attention to. How to train up mind to absorb required information at conscious and sub conscious level. Deep mediation techniques were learnt to help train mind to improve probability of taking right decisions at right time.

It is very difficult to get candid information or unbiased opinions. We shall facilitate a journey of discovery. Every person is unique… they exist within different contexts, in different states, have different personalities and preferences… the list goes on. Part of what makes coaching rewarding is the challenge of figuring out how best to interact with and help each person. Once a good baseline
relationship is established, one can start to subtly challenge the person… examining different ways of thinking about situations and exploring different perspectives. This will open up and discover things you would never expect. When you are able to establish a deep relationship built on complete trust and genuine caring, the rewards can be extremely gratifying.

Team Work - Cooking

Quick team development and bonding was achieved through shared tasks like cooking a meal for everyone – it was a common comment that team can start catering business with variety of dishes which got prepared in no time.

Cook to Bond

Not only prepare but serve and as well clean up the kitchen – most important job !!

Surya Namaskar PortraitLessons in Physical Fitness required for busy Execs on the move were learnt through 10 minutes Surya Namaskar every day morning.

RunKeeper App was set up by everyone to track pace, distance and set the Goal. App is keeping the team together to share their progress and also teaching everyone how a good App design works.