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Super Power

What it takes to Win

Am I Ready

  • New Approaches – Forward Thinking – Fresh Perspectives
  • Super Power – Resilience – Foresight
  • Strengthening the Core Business. A strong core business is the key foundation for profitability and growth
  • How to develop Skills, Abilities and Wisdom required to lead Organizations.
  • Develop confidence through enhanced Critical Thinking for developing/validating hypothesis.
  • Enhance ability to put ideas across effectively so as to Inspire teams to embrace solutions for improving business results.
  • How to improve probability of making Correct Decisions and getting right results.
  • Focused on behavioral changes to de-stress and change the lifestyle leading to new way of living/working.
  • Practice Process Simplification and People Development. Stop finding fault with others, look for opportunities for Self Improvement, Self Learning.
  • How to train up mind to absorb required information at conscious and sub conscious level.
  • Examining different ways of thinking about situations and exploring Different Perspectives.
  • Our job is not to tell you what to do but help you to come to conclusions by asking powerful questions.
  • Where are you now? Where do you need to be? What needs to happen for you to get there?
  • Create Breakthrough Performance replacing incremental improvements
  • Introducing a product, service or solution that will revolutionize the market
Interaction with VC & Srivibhavan Balaram

Strategic Management Program

Interaction with VC ( V Chandrashekar )
Interaction with VC ( V Chandrashekar ) CEO Aztecsoft

Strategic Management Program is essentially aimed at helping execs stretch their physical and mental boundaries to take big & bold steps for leading multimillion businesses.

It transforms participants through hands on exposure to Strategic Thinking, Emerging Technologies, Finance First, BizDev and People Power.

It is a 4 day life changing residential program to help create a personality to tread leadership path. Program follows participative workshop design to deliver rapid learning.

Program also connects participants with companies looking for senior leaders. Post Program, we work as a Coach, Counselor, Mentor and Guide to help participants achieve their career objectives.